Because we care about you

Your health and safety is important to us. We use only FDA compliant cosmetic make-up. All make-up (paints), glitter and powders are the best on the global market. We take great care in keeping all our products sanitary. We have *safe practices in place. We do everything we can to reduce chemical use. We wash all our brushes and sponges in HOT dye-free, fragrance-free soap. Our henna is all natural, made by us with the highest quality ingredients available. Our henna contains only Henna powder, distilled water, sugar, and essential oils, All our glitter is cosmetic grade. Our paints contain a microbial element, but we also sanitize with 70% alcohol between events and use Brush-Bath sanitizer in our rinse water.

Professional Face Paints

Only the Best Products

We use Professional FDA Cosmetic Grade Products

*Safety Policy

For the safety and health of everyone, we cannot paint individuals with active colds (runny noses), flu symptoms, or conjunctivitis (pink-eye). Painting will be restricted in cases of cold-sores, extreme acne, or open wounds.

We love how exciting face painting is, but sometimes children are fearful. We want each experience to be positive, therefore, we ask that children are not forced into having their faces painted. We are willing to try, but ask that you respect their boundaries if they are not ready yet. In most cases, when made aware, we can slow down and take extra time to make them feel comfortable. We ask for your understanding when there is a long line and a fast paced event. These are not the best conditions for children who may have hesitations.

Book with Confidence

Serious FUN. We love this business so we take a few things very seriously. We carry insurance for our protection and yours. KINDNESS is our number one rule. Of course quality is important, but feelings are the MOST important. We aim for professionalism. You can count on us to be on time, fabulous and ready to serve with a smile.